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  • Reservation and Cancellation Policy

    Administration fees of $10.00 plus tax are applicable when a reservation is made. For each reservation, a $88.00 deposit is asked on credit card only (corresponds at the amount of two nights with no services, including the administration fees).

    If you wish to reserve a group of sites, note that we take a deposit for each site reserved. Your deposit proves your seriousness and lets us guarantee you a specific campground.

    The maximum stay at Camping Orléans is four weeks in a row and a minimum stay of three nights is needed during holiday weekends. Otherwise, a minimum stay of two nights is needed.

    If you wish to cancel or modify your reservation, you need to advise us three days (72 hours) before your arrival date.

    For example, if you reserved from June 20th to June 24th (the check in time being 1 p.m. on June 20th), you must cancel before June 17th at 1 p.m. to get a total refund (administration fees of $10.00 plus tax excluded).

    You can also choose another stay during the same season without charge. In both cases, you ought to advise us three days before. If you don’t advise us in that delay, the amount $76.50 is kept (plus administration fees). Don’t forget that you can advise us by phone, e-mail or fax.

    We finally ask you to honor your reservation. This means that once you are at the campground’s office, you cannot shorten your stay. For any modification, please advise us three days before the arrival date. However, if you want to extend your stay, it will be our pleasure to check with you for availabilities.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed Program

    Camping Orléans is a member of Camping Québec and willingly apply its Satisfaction Guaranteed Program. It goes as follows:

    «The campgrounds which are members of Camping Québec and have posted the sign of the voluntary Satisfaction Guaranteed Program certify that their campground are clean and well kept. If upon your arrival you are not satisfied with the campground, the owner will give you a refund if requested within half an hour of your registration ».

  • Additional Persons Policy

    A camping group may count up to four persons without incurring an additional cost. Over four persons, the fee is 3.00$ per additional person per night (16 years old and over). These persons have to be registered at the same time the reservation is made, and use the same camping equipment for the entire stay. Persons camping for only a part of the stay are considered as visitors, even if the camping group counts less than four persons. Also, the persons included in the camping group have to be the same ones for the entire stay : no «exchange» of campers is permitted.

  • Visitors Policy

    All our clients may receive visitors. These have to pay their entry fee and respect campground regulations. Rates are $10.00 taxes included per adult (16 years old and over). Children under 15 years old enter for free.They have full access to all campground facilities (restrooms, swimming pool, playground, etc.). They can visit from 9 a.m. and must have left by 10 p.m. No visitor will be accepted after 9 p.m. If clients wish to keep visitors overnight (in their camping equipment only, if not another site must be rented), a fee of $5.00 per adult must be paid before 8 p.m. Departure time is then 1 p.m. the following day. If ever visitors wish to stay longer afterwards, they have to renew their registration and meet again the daily fee.

    Prices asked to visitors are uniquely for their access to the campground. Campers already registered answer for their visitors’ behaviour and, in case of problem, will be held responsible.

  • Site rental policy

    A camping group counts for four persons or less. It can be four adults, two adults and two children, one adult and three children or three adults and one child, as long as they use the SAME CAMPING EQUIPMENT. Any supplementary person (16 years old and over) is considered extra.

    The number of persons making up the camping group is the one determined AT THE TIME OF REGISTRATION. All other person that adds up afterwards, even if the original group is of only two persons, is considered a visitor.

    We accept ONLY ONE EQUIPMENT AND ONE VEHICLE per site. We will accept an additional tent only if it is used by young children with one or two adults, or if it is used for storage purposes. In that case, it has to be left flat. A second tent must be signaled at the time of registration.

    Whenever a camping group includes more than two adults and a second equipment is necessary, a different site must be rented. Even if the group uses only one vehicle, it is the number of camping equipments used that determines the number of necessary sites.

    Please note that any vehicle used to sleep in, as a van, is considered as camping equipment.

  • Regulations

    • Check out time is 1 P.M.
    • There is a curfew between 11 P.M. and 8 A.M. and no noise nor fire will be tolerated during this period.
    • All your visitors must register upon arriving and pay the entrance fees. All visitors must have left at 10 P.M.
    • The use of the magnetic cards is exclusively reserved to our clients. Lending a card could involve expulsion.
    • Only one equipment and one vehicle per site is authorized.
    • The maximal speed everywhere on the campground is 8 km/ph.
    • It is strictly forbidden to cut branches and to molest trees.
    • Campfires are permitted in the fireplaces only.
    • It is strictly forbidden to wash vehicles or equipments with a hose.
    • It is strictly forbidden to shed gray or black waters on the grass.
    • Campers on three service sites must use a sewer ring.
    • All campers on the first row along the river must place their equipment perpendicular to the river.
    • A group of three or more sites have to identify a person responsible for the whole group and its visitors. This person will make sure that all rules are respected.
    • Pets are allowed without charge. No pets can be left alone in an equipment or on a campground and must be kept in leash at all times.
    • No reimbursement will be made under any consideration.

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